Many tragic stories’: Hawaii governor says Maui fire death toll could double or triple.

Maui fire

Many tragic stories’: Hawaii governor says Maui fire death toll could double or triple.

HONOLULU, Hawaii − Hawaii Governor Josh Green has suggested that the death toll arising from the Lahaina fire has the potential to increase twofold or even threefold from its current count of 99. This projection would further solidify the Lahaina fire’s position as the deadliest wildfire in the United States in over a century.

In an interview recorded for “CBS Mornings” and broadcast on Monday, Green pointed out the likelihood of a substantial surge in the number of fatalities. While the official count was at 96 at the outset of Monday, Green revised this number to 99 in a later conversation with CNN on the same day.

Speaking to CBS, Green stated, “We are preparing ourselves for a series of tragic narratives. The discovery of 10 to 20 victims per day is a probable scenario until the operation concludes, which might take around 10 days. However, offering a precise estimate remains exceedingly challenging.”

His projection of discovering 10 to 20 bodies daily over a span of 10 days would potentially result in a death toll ranging from 200 to 300.

In a video shared on social media late Sunday, Governor Green stated that more than 2,700 structures were destroyed in Lahaina, and an estimated value of $5.6 billion has been lost. The Lahaina fire was one of several fires that ignited on Maui, starting on Tuesday. Green emphasized that the concept of a “fire hurricane,” a term he used to describe a new phenomenon in the age of global warming, was the primary driver behind the unusually high death toll.

Teams conducting rescue operations in Maui are meticulously searching through debris that holds the remains of our loved ones. Meanwhile, Hawaii’s churches are offering prayers for the deceased and those who remain missing. Notably, Governor Green revealed that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has deployed a workforce of 416 individuals in Hawaii, led by Administrator Deanne Criswell. The agency has provided numerous search personnel and 20 dogs to assist in the search for human remains in Lahaina.

The count of missing individuals in Maui has gradually decreased from over 2,000 to approximately 1,300, as stated by Green, coinciding with the gradual restoration of cellphone service.

Fire thought to be extinguished likely cause of tragedy, governor says

In his video message on Sunday night, Governor Green specifically pointed to a fire that had previously been declared as “extinguished,” yet unexpectedly flared back to life. This rekindled fire is believed to be the primary source of the devastating inferno that swept through historic Lahaina. However, the exact cause of the initial rekindling is currently the subject of ongoing investigation.

“It seems that the fire wasn’t completely put out,” remarked Green, who further explained that the situation was compounded by strong winds reaching speeds of up to 81 mph. “When combined with such intense winds and temperatures soaring to around 1,000 degrees, the visual evidence will provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the circumstances.”

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